Why buy from a Private Jeweler?

lexikon-schmuck-gr_01Often times when people come to us and want to buy an engagement ring in Nashville. They ask why use a Private Jeweler vs a chain, or big store?

Don’t they buy cheaper because they are a larger company? So they can sell cheaper? Don’t they have big discounts where you have to sell retail? No,No,No and No.

It’s all about connections, who do you know. Diamonds go down the pipeline at all different prices before they end up in a store. Most of the time the ones in the stores in Nashville are there on consignment from someone like us….A Diamond Broker. So prices vary depending on how many people you know. Bigger the network, more prices options. We at City Diamond Exchange have connections all over the world including the diamond hot spots of Israel, Hong Kong, India and many many other countries.

Why all the big discounts and confusion at stores? Well the truth is all jewelry is not made the same. Almost all the jewelry you will find in a mall/big box retail jewelry store is mass- produced and made overseas. The quality control can be difficult, and the quality of the diamonds and gemstones used are commercial, not fine. The mass production allows the chain retailer to mark the pieces up to a very high retail, and then artificially mark them down to look like a better deal.pawn-city-diamond-exchange-nashville

CDE pays a lot more attention to the quality and details of the jewelry we buy. We can do this because we are not a large corporation with many divisions and bureaucracy to work through, we are on the ground level (to coin a phrase) and look at every piece that comes in the door. This allows for much better quality control, often times anything we get in is specific for YOU the customer.

The overhead of CDE is so much lower than that of a corporation. We at CDE can simply work on a much smaller margin and make the same living as the chain store. Without sacrificing quality or service to you. CDE will go above and beyond to make your experience fun, and your occasion one to cherish forever.Buying Diamonds from CDE allows you to have the whole experience. A quieter environment, more personal service, no high pressure sales person trying to hit a goal, or working on commission and trying to sell you the highest priced item that they can. City Diamond Exchange Nashville have a passion for doing things right. When you come to CDE you will see the same employees year after year, as they are professionals who study and hone their craft over time, rather than a salesperson that was selling shoes 6 months before they became a diamond expert.

I am of the belief that just as you have a personal relationship with your doctor or lawyer, you should have the same relationship with your jeweler, one of trust and assurance and professionalism. Better quality jewelry at a better value, exceptional personal service with professionalism, and the desire and passion to make your experience one to remember always is the best reason I can give you to try City Diamond Exchange the next time you have an important occasion.

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