Precious Metals

City Diamond Exchange buys gold, silver, and platinum of all levels of fineness, shapes, and sizes. Click below to fill out the quote form or check out our option to pawn your metals.

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Types of Metals City Diamond Exchange Buys

Gold jewelry can be valued by looking at 3 different factors: purity, weight, & condition. Purity is measured in karats, which is the amount of gold relative to other metals in the piece. The highest purity of gold is 24 karats meaning it is 100% pure gold. Lower karat numbers reflect the higher amounts of other metals alloyed with the gold. This contributes to the overall value of the piece.gold_bars_2.jpg
When selling gold, it is helpful to have it in as pristine a condition as possible. Gold is a very malleable mineral, and it can be easily dented or scratched if not kept safe. When trying to sell gold as scrap, dents and scrapes do not diminish the value too much because we are more concerned with the weight and purity. However, when selling gold pieces of jewelry, or limited edition, luxury/name brand, or rare gold pieces, the overall aesthetic of the jewelry will significantly affect its value.

Valuing silver is similar to valuing gold. The value of silver can also be determined by its fineness, weight, and condition. However, when valuing silver as scrap or just as a precious metal, and not in a jewelry piece, its fineness is measured in troy ounces. The higher the percent, the more value or worth the silver has. Most silver in jewelry however is at the Sterling Standard which is around .925%. Since pure silver is too soft to make objects with, it is alloyed with copper to give it more strength and to be molded into jewelry pieces. Here at City Diamond Exchange we buy silver and silver jewelry of all levels of fineness, shapes, and sizes. Click the button below to get a free quote or check out our pawning options

Platinum is actually the rarest out of all the precious metals. It can be difficult valuing platinum as it is very hard to find, and sometimes difficult to calculate its fineness. That is why we have made the selling process of your platinum very simple and easy for you.
Platinum’s fineness is measured as a percentage by a three digit number call Millennial Fineness. For example a piece of platinum or platinum jewelry that is valued at 900 is also consider 90% pure platinum. Most jewelry is made with 90% – 95% pure platinum but it can range from 750 all the way to 999.5.



How City Diamond Exchange Helps You Sell Precious Metals

How do I get the best price for my precious metals? In today’s day and age it can be hard. With so many different jewelry, pawn shops, and online buyers, it can be overwhelming when trying to get the best deal for your diamonds. Here at City Diamond Exchange (CDE) we make it quick and easy for you, while still getting you the highest value for your metals.pawn2.jpg

Here at CDE we have professional jewelers with decades of experience. This allows you to get a better price from you couch at home, than miles away at your local pawn shop. We have the expertise and knowledge on what diamonds are actually worth, giving you the best price. Selling precious metals can be tricky and that’s why we made it easy and reliable for you.

Being GIA certified members of the Better Business Bureau, NYSIA, and IGI but we have also signed an oath to the Jewelers of America. An oath promising to uphold and maintain ethical practices when buying and selling diamonds and metals. You can rest easy knowing the diamonds you sell to us will be valued at their highest possible price. This means less heartache and more money in your pocket.


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